Medieval fortress

Forteresse médiévale

Situated in the heart of the Valley of Ceze and covering 2500 hectares of greenery, the municipality of Allegre-les-Fumades is a well known tourist thermal station. It is distant only 58 kilometres of the city of Nimes and 17 kilometres of Ales, and represents the unique health resort of the department of the Gard.

The municipality of Allegre-les-Fumades owes the first part of its name to a seigniorial family which based there the castle of Light in the 12th century. This castle is a real fortress placed between Cevennes and the tray of scrublands. It is recognized as being an important passage of business along the royal road connecting Uzes with Saint-Ambroix. The second term of Allegre-les-Fumades, is a by-product of the local dialect indicating manure harvested by the farmers; which is being lands very convenient to the pastoralism.



Allegre-les-Fumades is another field of discovery and escapade with opened sky. Go to the discovery of its architectural and natural patrimony between plains and hills. Roads are specially drawn to you and marked out roads of rides & are waiting only just your visit. The place is still convenient to the initiation into the escalation. If this experience tempts you, go then to the hamlet of Begude in front of the Bridge of Auzon and profit of its 21 ways in paving stone on about fifteen metres.

Mechanical Pole


If you tilt rather in motor sports, there’s just one address: The Mechanical Pole Ales Cevennes which proposes you the rent of karts from the age of 7 years in a unique site in Europe. Its courses are the most sensational of the region. You can again mark a stop in the Forest Parc named “Nature and Sensations” which assures you, besides its 3 hectares of forests of pines, 10 courses hooked connect and more than 110 varieties of games sets for your children. It stills the case of the park Vacanisport with its going activities, climbing and quad hikes.



The municipality of Allegre-les-Fumades is one oasis raised to the protected ecology, strewed with a vegetation of holm oaks, junipers, cades and strawberry trees ; but also with perfumed hollies of thyme and lavender. The group is decorated with olive trees and with mulberry trees suggestive of the colour of silk.

Cave of Cocaliere

Grotte de Cocalière

The territory of Fumades is very rich in caves and cavities which propose you the discovery of karstic basements of the city. The cave of Cocaliere is the perfect example of this kind of caves. Indeed, it’s one of the three more beautiful caves of France. Its exceptional frame opens you the door of discoveries of wonders of nature: disks, pearls of caves, crystal pond, prehistoric and good gallery of the other secrets. Amazing!



The visit of Allegre-les-Fumades still passes by its inescapable sites. At first, the mine of Ales offers you a real journey at the bottom of a unique mining work in France, with a retrospective of the mining history from 1880 until now. Then, the Museum of the Candy HARIBO of Uzes proposes a playful and greedy visit for all through its perfumed and chocolate shelves.

Health resort

bien être

The health resort named Thermal baths of Fumades-les-bains, is a unique site in the Gard recognized since the Gallo-Roman period. The legend tells that Julius Caesar came to handle his small mange there. Its sources rich in hydrogen sulphide are used to look after the affections of respiratory tracts and skin. But also, it offers the possibility of taking advantage of exceptional benefactions of its mineral waters allied to the most modern techniques of the hydrotherapy with many packages of fitness.

Steam train

Train à vapeur des Cévennes

The entertainment does not stop in so good way. In fact, the steam train of the Cevennes waits you and proposes you a stroll of 40 minutes between Anduze and Saint Jean, a beauty trip that will make you discover works of engineering of the 20th century such as a magnificent viaduct of 7 arcs in curve and a natural landscape of the most beautiful natural sites. The discovery is guaranteed!

Festivals and Casino

Magnifestation à chevet du castrum

During the cultural season, the musicians of world occur on the stage of the House of the Water. The spaces of exhibitions are lead by artistic expressions like painting, sculpture, photos and many educational exposures. The Casino with its gambling machines and Game of Ball is every day opened. While wait you to come to stay there!