Thermal Cure Center of Allegre-les-Fumades


Vitality and shape

Nested in the heart of a park and decorated with a small pond of pure thermal water, the Thermal Cure Center of Fumades-les-Bains waits for your visit. The Center guarantee you vitality and wellness thanks to the exceptional benefactions of its mineral waters, already recognized since the Gallo-Roman period.

So forget all your concerns the time of a stay at the heart of the valley of Ceze in the Southern Cevennes. Beauty care in duet or in single is assured!

Centre Thermal des Fumades les Bains

Treatments and care

His sources rich in hydrogen sulphide are used to look after the affections of respiratory tracts, skin, fibromyalgia and rheumatology. The health resort of Fumades-les-Bains is still indicated for the treatment of the dermatology, and the affections of mucous membranes bucco lingual.


A complete pallet of care for every types of affections.

Exceptional water

Classic or specific medical water cures are programmed to assure you the best benefactions of its exceptionally rich waters.

You know it certainly, to keep better your health, it is necessary to maintain it permanently. Because of the age, you should face the outside attacks of your life and especially the time which passes.

Do you wish a natural therapy? Do not look any more somewhere else, the balneology in Fumades-les-Bains assure you all the benefaction of natural water, recognized since millenniums.

Complete programs

Among the programs of care which are assured to you, you have also the access to:

- Baths
- Cataplasms
- General showers
- Penetrating showers
- Care of physiotherapy gym in pond
- Swimming pool of mobilization
- Steam rooms and many others services…



To recapitulate, thermal baths propose you different spaces created just to satisfy you:

- A thermal Cure Center open from April till October.
- A fitness Center open all year long, except in holiday periods of the end of the year.
- A beauty salon « Thermaë », which assures you beauty care, massaging, armchairs, spas jet, hydromassants baths & cellu M6.

Try the thermal experience of Fumades-les-Bains: the stay will be one of the most relaxing!